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Meet Our Team




Sophie Agbonkhese

Sophie Agbonkhese is a writer, veteran homeschooling mother of four, and a recovering overachiever (who occasionally relapses). She is the founder of My Cup Runs Over, a site that helps busy women define their purpose and focus on their goals, and Story Writing Academy. 

When she’s not writing or debugging websites, Sophie spends her time reading with her kids, gardening, listening to audiobooks, and striving fruitlessly to have a clean house for at least five minutes. She lives in southwestern British Columbia with her husband, Ben, and their children.




Eva Agbonkhese

Eva Agbonkhese is a lifelong homeschooler with a passion for the fine arts. She loves dancing, singing, playing the piano, drawing, creating digital art, painting, reading, acting, and most of all, creative writing. At any given time she is working on multiple novels. 

As Director of Photography and Design at Story Writing Academy, Eva creates all of the digital art for our apparel products and oversees all product photography as well as much of our social media content. She loves mixing her sense of humor with her interests in homeschooling, literature, art, and fashion design.


We love well-made things, and we know you do too. That's why we use a rigorous development and testing process to ensure you only get the best.


Hate hidden surprises? So do we. Therefore, we strive to portray our products as accurately as possible through our photos and descriptions. Still have questions? Just ask!


We know what it's like to buy disappointing teaching resources. Whether they involve too much prep time, don't meet your learning outcomes, or are disliked by students, they're a flop. We strive to create the most helpful products that you can use right away to achieve your teaching goals and get real results.


Learning writing should be fun. We know that kids who enjoy the writing process are more likely to write by choice and to get better at writing. Our products are designed to inspire kids and get them excited to write more.